Feed My Starving Children: Spotlight on Local Non-Profit

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Lifting up the non-profits & volunteers who serve the most vulnerable in our community

In each newsletter I send out, I intend to highlight a different local non-profit agency in DeKalb, Boone or Kane County. Non-profit agencies fill in the gap of providing critical services to the most vulnerable in our community. Government programs and services only go so far. It is the faith-based and non-profit agencies and their donors and volunteers who are the unsung heroes of our community.

For this week’s spotlight on a local non-profit, we are featuring Feed My Starving Children. Please read below to learn about the outstanding work they do combating hunger and their upcoming event in November where volunteers and donations are needed.
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Jeff Keicher

State Representative, 70th District

Spotlight on Local Non-Profit: Feed My Starving Children

Sadly 6,200 children under the age of 5 die every day due to starvation. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) was founded in 1987 with the mission of “Feeding God’s starving children in body and spirit.”

FMSC vision is – Through God, FMSC will strive to eliminate malnutrition and starvation in children throughout the world by helping to instill compassion in a generation that hears and responds to the cries of those in need until all are fed. FMSC is a Christian nonprofit organization.

FMSC partners with organizations and ministries around the world to get life-saving meals to the people that need them most. The process is simple. 100% of the meals packed for starving children are done by volunteers. 100% of the funding comes from donations. Meals are either packed at one of the permanent sites operated by FMSC or through MobilePack Events held throughout the USA. The meals consist of rice, soy, vitamins & minerals, and vegetables.

Make a Difference DKC is a MobilePack event hosted by The Suter Company.  In the past eight years this event has packed 7.7 million meals with 31,400 volunteers and has raised the funding to provide for those meals.

This year’s event will be held November 8-11 at The Suter Company’s Bethany Road location. The goal of this year’s event is to pack more than 1.3M meals. That requires close to 5000 volunteers and close to $300,000.

You can donate to help feed these starving children by check, made out to Feed My Starving Children (write event #1811-132AU) and mailing it to:

The Suter Company

258 May Street

Sycamore, IL 60178

Or by going to the FMSC website and:

·        Donate

·        Specific MobilePack event

·        Select IL

·        Scroll to Make a Difference, Nov. 8-11

·        Click on get involved

·        Click on donate now

The goal of Make a Difference is aligned to the mission of FMSC to feed God’s starving children in body and spirit. We live in a great community that has rallied behind this cause for the past eight years and our hope and prayer is that we continue to do this work that we believe God has called us to until 6200 becomes 0!

Make a Difference DKC MobilePack event

Date:  Nov 8-11, 2018

Location:  The Suter Company, Inc., 1015 Bethany Rd., Sycamore, IL  60178

2018 is our communities 9th annual MobilePack event!

2018’s goal is to pack 1.3 Million Meals

2018 fund raising goal:  $300,000

Cost per meal = $.22

Volunteer Sign Up at:   makeadifferencedkc.com

No. of Volunteers needed = 5,000