Rep. Keicher co-sponsors bill to roll back license plate fee hike on low-weight standard trailers

State Representative Jeff Keicher, R-Sycamore, has signed on to co-sponsor House Bill 3851, legislation to reverse the $100 license plate fee hike on the smallest class of trailers. “TA” plates are used for trailers that carry small items (3,000 lbs. or less), such as boats and riding lawn mowers. The annual registration fee was increased on these plates from $18 to $118 as part of the FY20 capital plan signed into law by Governor Pritzker in June 2019.

House Bill 3851 would reduce the trailer flat weight fee (TA plate) for maximum loads of 3,000 lbs. and less from $118 to $18, the amount it was before the recent hike.

“The fee hike on trailer license plates was one provision of the capital bill I was not in favor of as we were called to consider a comprehensive package at the end of session in 2019.  The package overall was in excess of 1580 pages and secured important economic incentives that are helping to bring jobs, fix roads, address deferred maintenance, help farmers and small business owners in our region,” Keicher said. “I supported the overall capital agreement with the understanding that we would come back with follow-up legislation in many of these areas.  One of the most important to me was to reverse the fee hike on low-weight standard trailers, as well as adjust the $10,000 vehicle trade-in cap.  We can address both of these issues on a bipartisan basis to protect taxpayers.”

House Bill 3851 is scheduled for a hearing in the Revenue & Finance Committee. The bill currently has 33 co-sponsors, including six Democrats.