Rep. Keicher Responds to Petition for Special Investigating Committee on corruption allegations against Speaker Madigan

This week, three members of the Illinois House of Representatives filed a petition per House Rule 91 to create a Special Investigating Committee. The subject of the petition is Speaker of the House Michael J. Madigan and the Deferred Prosecution Agreement entered into by ComEd and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

House Rule 91 provides for the creation of a Special Investigating Committee, and states: “Disciplinary proceedings may be commenced by filing with the Speaker and the Minority Leader a petition, signed by 3 or more members of the House, for a special investigating committee. The petition shall contain the alleged charge or charges that, if true, may subject the member named in the petition to disciplinary action by the House and may include any other factual information that supports the charge or charges.”

In response to the filing, State Representative Jeff Keicher (R-Sycamore) issued the following statement:

“The facts presented by the federal prosecutor in the deferred prosecution agreement with ComEd implicate the Speaker of the House in a corrupt, years-long bribery scheme that indulged the worst impulses of political self-interest and utter lack of accountability. The allegations are incredibly serious and it is our duty to investigate those claims thoroughly to determine the appropriate course of action. The formation of the bipartisan Special Investigating Committee is a critical step in the right direction to hold Speaker Madigan accountable and begin to restore public confidence in the integrity of the state legislature.”

There are six members in total serving on the Special Investigating Committee. Republican members include; GOP Spokesperson Tom Demmer, Deanne Mazzochi, and Grant Wehrli. Democrat members include; Chairperson Emanuel Chris Welch, Elizabeth Hernandez, and Natalie Manley.

If the Special Investigating Committee finds the alleged charges are true, it would move on to the Select Committee on Discipline to determine what, if any, discipline is warranted.

If the Select Committee on Discipline makes a determination that discipline should occur, it would take 71 votes to reprimand or censure Speaker Madigan, and 79 votes to expel Speaker Madigan from the House of Representatives.