Constituent-inspired Keicher bill signed into law; allows minors who inherit funds from probate to have money deposited into a college savings program

Governor JB Pritzker has signed House Bill 814 into law, legislation introduced and sponsored by State Rep. Jeff Keicher, R-Sycamore, which amends the state Probate Act to provide that if the estate of a ward consists only of money, the court may order, among other dispositions, that the money be deposited in a qualified tuition program.

This change in state law was necessary to allow probate money inherited by minors to be used in a 529 college savings plan. Courts now have this additional option to enable a young heir to use estate funds to save for college.

 “Oftentimes the best ideas for a new state law or a helpful update to an existing law come from constituents. One such idea I was proud to bring forward, and am pleased to report was unanimously approved by the General Assembly this spring and now signed into law by the Governor, is this update to probate law to benefit minors who inherit funds from an estate,” Rep. Keicher said. “If others in our community have an idea for legislation, please feel welcome to contact my district office. I welcome suggestions and feedback from constituents on ways that we can make state laws more truly reflect the needs and priorities of our residents. Others in our community have inspired change. You can too.”

For questions or more information, please contact Rep. Keicher’s office at (815) 748-3494.