Keicher, House Republicans Respond to Democrats’ Political Games

Today, Democrats passed brazen legislation in the Illinois House to change election law to their own self-serving political advantages, stifle the ability of the Republican party to fill ballot vacancies, and place meaningless non-binding questions on the ballot to drive Democrat voters to the polls.

The bill, House Floor Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 2412, was filed at the last minute and favors self-serving political corruption over any semblance of transparency. In protest to the process and content of the measure, House Republican lawmakers stood united in voting “present” on the bill. Following that vote, House Republicans held a press conference to reiterate that the caucus will not play this political game House Democrats are prioritizing this spring.

“I thought I had seen it all in the Illinois House, but yesterday was a new low for Illinois Democrats,” said Keicker. “They gutted a bill originally filed for children in state care to replace it with an amendment that will keep candidates off the November ballot and, to fill the ballot with non-binding questions just to keep other initiatives citizens may want off the ballot. They then rushed this bill through committee and called a House floor vote within mere hours. Where is the transparency or opportunity for citizens to weigh in? It’s completely reprehensible.”